Winton Social Club is a well established sports and social club in the heart of a local community in Eccles.

Near to the busy Worsley junctions of the M60 and M61, it is nestled next to Cleveleys recreation area , but, by a different entrance. We like to think of the place, as hidden from the every day bustle of life, as it’s entrance is not the best advertised part of the club. Some first timers comment that we never knew you were here, even though they have lived in the area for many a year.

The club is a private members club. This means it is secure and safe.The customer does not have to worry about trouble here, the doors are magnetically locked and access is by electric fob only. Memberships are available and by filling a small application form and handing over a small membership fee, access to the club is available in minutes.

The club itself is a hive of activity for all ages. There are 2 championship grade bowling greens, that are the envy of many a club, 2 snooker tables, 2 pool tables and 3 dart boards.With these facilities in the club, it is a shame not to use them, therefore the club has teams entered into all the local leagues for all the sports.(New team members are always welcome,young and old, whatever standard of play).We set a very high standard also, the club ensures all sporting events in the club are fully catered for.

The club has a 120 seat function room, that is decorated very tastefully and is clean.It is capable of holding most functions, from birthdays to weddings to christenings to funerals.The club prides itself on making sure the client gets what they want, out of the function room.The club can also cater for each function,or the client can bring their own buffet, but with the 5 star rating of our kitchen , we recommend using the club as it’s caterer and take away the fuss of organizing their own.

The club also has a large lounge, with comfy armchairs and sturdy tables to relax and enjoy your choice of drink. There are 2 large screen TV’s available , that both play independently, so two games can be shown, or even your favorite TV show.